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iGrow LED Indoor Hydroponics Herb Growing Kit

iGrow supplies all the hydroponics equipment necessary for a would-be urban farmer to get started on an indoor garden. G601B is an ideal automatic growing station for organic herbs, flowers, vegetables and many more at different growing stage. No matter you are a professional planter or a green hand, you will love it when you start to use it. G601B is also iGrow’s 1st flagship model for medical marijuana farming at home. The story was reported by New York Times on Nov. 25, 2015, titled “Gardening Start-Up in China Chances Upon U.S. Marijuana Market”. G601B featured with all-season all-climate indoor growing with hydroponics technology. It has six 3″ plant pods and adjustable mixed LED grow lighting system (colors: red/blue/white). It is powerful and easy to use. With a push of the button, the smart supply of the light, water and nutrient help the plant grow more efficiently. You can start growing from seed, bud or by transplanting. The whole station is eco-friendly with safe and energy-saving LED lighting system.


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