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Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

You’ve probably seen countless videos on the internet of people wearing the much-lauded Oculus Rift, tripping out in digital worlds and generally loving life. Not only is this revolutionary device unavailable until 2016, but you’ll probably have to sell a number of vital organs just to be able to buy it. Well, feast your eyes on (and indeed, in) the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset – a new and affordable foray into the breathtaking world of virtual reality.

Because it utilises your smartphone, it’s compatible with hundreds of free and inexpensive VR apps on the Play Store and App Store. So whether you want to watch 3D movies, explore new worlds, play immersive games or you’re just looking for a quick departure from our own tedious reality – there’s something for everyone.

Just load up your chosen piece of virtual content, slot your smartphone into the rugged plastic enclosure, put it up to your eyes then adjust the lenses and comfortable head straps to your liking. It’s never been easier (or more affordable) to explore these vivid new environments from the comfort of your living room.

Even if you don’t intend to buy it for yourself, it’s definitely just as amusing to watch someone else experience it.


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