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IndieSolo – A Smartphone Video Stabilizer

Film virals, documentaries, corporate or creative videos, news events, or simply making everyday moments look like they were shot professionally.

Whether amateur or professional, the IndieSolo makes you the director. Anytime. Anywhere.

More and more smartphones are being used to produce professional video. Grip Gear is dedicated to keep producing more products that turn your smartphone into a mobile movie set.

Pans and tilts, high and low angle, full directional control
Shake-free footage while running up and down stairs
Shooting at Dutch tilt/angle
360 walk-around shots
Inverted usage
Fits all smartphones, easy to set up, lightweight, foldable
The IndieSolo also acts as a tripod
The IndieSolo is a patented product
100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund
The IndieSolo and all upcoming Grip Gear products will be modular to make a miniaturised film set for your smartphone


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