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Indoor Beach Hut Planter

Picture this – a summer’s day at the beach, hot sun beating down upon you, not a cloud in the sky. The gentle sound of waves crashing and crackling over the glistening shingle. The satisfying sensation as you sink your bare feet deep into the crumbly, cooling sand. Just sublime.

After enthusiastically kicking over a sandcastle or two, you retire to your humble seaside abode where you lay back in a comfortable striped deck chair and relax with a crisp, refreshing Mojito.

Now you can invite these sun-soaked vibes into your home and grow some delectable herbs at the same time with the Indoor Beach Hut Planter. Beautifully hand-painted and featuring a useful storage compartment for all those gardening essentials, just pop this diminutive dwelling on the window-sill and get ready to garnish dishes and drinks with your own freshly plucked sprigs of fragrant mint.


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