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Thanks to Instagram, we’re all the official photographers of our own existence and none of us have to trust our own memories anymore. The only thing the beloved free smartphone app lacks? Exposure. Remember that time Albert Einstein said ‘creativity is contagious, pass it on’? Just how are we meant to pass on all that glorious, self absorbed creativity when it’s shackled to our Insta feeds? #Instacube, that’s how.

#Instacube is the living canvas for your Instagram and Facebook photos and videos. Photos and videos are streamed wirelessly in real-time, at three times the size of the average smartphone. #Instagood or what?

As every well established hipster knows, there’s nothing more satisfying than adding a nostalgic filter to every meal, manicure, facial expression, cute animal, infinity pool or tall building that comes your way. But what about all those #swaggedout selfies that no one other than your followers ever laid eyes upon – surely such works of art shouldn’t be confined to your follower’s screens? Don’t let your own face go to waste.

Cue #Instacube. Displaying your utterly #lol Instagram feed in real time. Relevantly, #Instacube brings the beloved app’s icon to life. Packing #wirelessconnectivity, #touchscreendisplay, #4GBofflashmemory and a #rechargeablebattery, this is digital device gold. Thanks to charmingly oversized buttons atop the device, you can ‘like’ photos just as you would on your phone, and easily power #Instacube #off and #on.

Instacube’s #slick design makes it a chic addition to any type of furnishing imaginable. All that’s left to do is kick back, relax, and let your nearest and dearest oogle in sheer disbelief at your ingenious exploration of filters, impeccable hashtag etiquette and flawless #foodporn palette.


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