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JD Humanoid – Revolutionary Robot Kit

The EZROBOT Revolution JD Humanoid Robot Kit is a fully functional humanoid robot kit built with EZ-Bits. A humanoid design is not only fun, but also educational. He can interact with human tools and environments for experimental purposes, such as the study of bipedal locomotion. This humanoid boasts 16 degrees of freedom with metal gear heavy duty servo motors! The head of this robot contains a camera for vision tracking modes, including color, motion, glyphs, QR codes and faces. Each eye has 9 RGB LED’s, which can be programmed for a variety of expressions. The included EZ-Builder Software makes it easy to create animations to customize movements.

1. 200MHz 32-Bit Processing (120 MHz 32-bit Cortex M3 ARM Processor & 80 MHz Microchip PIC32)
2. WiFi connectivity (Ad-Hoc/Infrastructure/WEP/WPA/WPA2)
3. Embedded Web Server
4. Energy Efficient Digital Switching Power Supply
5. Resettable fuse protection
6. Reverse polarity protection
7. 1 x Amplified Speaker for Speech and Music
8. 8 x 5 volt tolerant Analog (ADC) ports
9. 24 x 5 volt tolerant Digital ports (servos, PWM, and more)
10. Up to 73 Servos (combining PWM and Dynamixel)
11. Dynamixel Servo Support
12. 3 x i2c Port
13. 1 x EZ-Robot Video Camera Port
14. 3 x High Speed UART Ports
15. Battery and Temperature Monitor


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