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Jellfylap 3 Jellyfish Tank Kit

Be Flapscinated! This Jellyflap Aquarium features an internal filtration system that uses mechanical and biological filtering with a built in pump and 3 color changing LED lights for nearly infinite customization!
Retail Box Includes Everything to Get Started (all you need to add is water):
Jellyflap Aquarium
Infrared Remote Control for Color Changing LED’s
Crushed Coral, a Bio Filter Material
Fleece Filter Pads
Jellyfish Net
Starting Salt & Water Change Salt
Water Change Kit
Disc Cleaner
Water Bottle
Instruction Manual
LED Power Supply
Tank Specifications:
2 Gallons
Salt Water Ready
14”H x 13”W x 7”L
Water Flow Optimized for Jellyfish
Includes shipping cost for the jellyfish and food, which will ship overnight once your tank is set up.
We do not recommend having more than 4 small/medium jellyfish or 3 large jellyfish per Tank.
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