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Joby Action Suction Cup With GorillaPod Arm

The next level of action video versatility is here! The Action Video Suction Cup with Gorilla Pod Arm provides an extremely tight hold, while the flexible Gorilla Pod Arm provides an unparalleled number of positioning angles. Never miss the right point of view with this dexterous action video mount perfect for your GoPro or any other action video camera. The easy to use suction cup secures firmly to any clean, flat non-porous surfaces with just a quarter twist of the Quick-Twist locking system. You can actually feel it lock snugly into place. The adjustable 5 ball and socket Gorilla Pod arm gives you 5 points of articulation to instantly access a multitude of positions and angles. Simply stick, twist, adjust and film. It is that easy! With a universal ¼-20 tripod screw and a mount for GoPro, the Action Video Suction Cup with Gorilla Pod Arm is equipped to handle any action video camera. At the same time the modular design allows you to mix and match. Quickly swap out your gear for the ideal set-up with other JOBY product solutions. The final solution for flexible action video mounts is here. Never miss a shot with this ambidextrous, easy to use mount for GoPro and other action video cameras.


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