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Joke Golf Balls Set

Prank your tantrum prone friends You’ll laugh your ass off when these balls explode into ribbon, smoke or vapor.
Your golfing buddies won’t know what hit them! Fantastic Father’s Day Gift, If your Dad is an avid golfer that is. Get a camera ready because this stuff is youtube worthy!
These awesome pranks come in a set of 4 Prank golf ball. The People Who Act Like They’re Professionals There is nothing more funny than pulling a prank on somebody who takes themselves super seriously.
Do you know who takes themselves very seriously? Golfers. Especially ones that are dying to be pros and make the big bucks. People treat golf like it is life and death.
Just watch somebody slice a ball into the woods and the display of cry baby anger that will ensue. Clubs will be thrown, curse words that would shock a sailor will be spewed.
The next time that somebody decides they want to fly off the handle because they miffed their drive, tell them that you are willing to help. How? Give Them These Special Balls That “Fix” Their Problem.
If somebody is going crazy over nothing going their way, then you can help them. They will be looking for any answer to their awful swings today. First, identify their problem.
What are they doing wrong? Are they slicing the ball? Are they getting under it? Are they topping it? Whatever it is, tell them that you bought these new golf balls that combat that very issue! What luck! The very problem they’re having can be fixed with the golf ball you conveniently brought along! Now, to be honest, it won’t fix their problem so much. It will fix your problem however.
Set Of Four Comes With A Variety Of Prank Balls!
UNPUTTABALL: It jumps, balks, skids, and gyrates. An unpredictable maddening, hilarious putting gag.
PHANTOM: For golfers who laugh. This ball will vanish on solid impact in a watery mist. Now you see it? Now you don’t!
JETSTREAMER: Drive it, the ball disappears ejecting 15 feet of spiraling, streaming ribbon.
EXPLODER: The exploding golf ball blows up in a spectacular cloud of billowing smoke-like powder on impact!


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