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Kepler – The Smart Home Gas Detector by ORVIBO

Kepler is an intelligent gas and carbon monoxide detector that features active monitoring, intelligent alarms, portable design and more.

Protect your Home from Dangerous Gas Leaks
From ovens to furnaces,water heaters to dryers, most of us enjoy the convenience and efficiency of natural gas appliances, but too few of us are protected from the deadly consequences of gas leaks. Faulty pipes, poorly fitted appliances, or even a pot boiling over on the stove can cause dangerous gas leaks.

Safe and Connected
No matter where you are, if Kepler detects danger, it alerts you on your Smartphone, while simultaneously flashing its lights and sounding an alarm.

Intelligent Alerts
With Kepler’s intelligent alerts, you’ll never be confused about the level of danger. Kepler’s early warning system alerts you to rising gas and CO levels before trouble occurs so you can calmly respond to the situation.

Portable Design
Gas leaks can occur anywhere in your home, but gas detectors can’t be everywhere at once. Kepler’s detachable design means you can use it anywhere.

Your Kitchen Companion
A pot boiling over and extinguishing the cooking flame is one of the most common causes of gas leaks.Simply turning Kepler’s dial enables the timer function and cooking reminders, helping you avoid this danger.

Model: Kepler-G1-WP
Power supply: DC-input 5V-2A
Operating temperature: -10~50℃
Operating humidity: ≤80%
Wireless standard: Wi-Fi 204GHz b/g/n
COMPATIBILITY: Requires iOS 6.0+/ Android 4.0


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