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Koho Rechargeable Lamp by FontanaArte

Koho is a lamp for outdoors, rechargeable and portable.

Small in size, it can easily be moved and placed exactly where light is needed, with no cables to get in the way.
It has a lid, which comes in three different colours (yellow, grey or blue) that holds the light source.
Vertical grooves run up and down the polyethylene body.

Koho turns on and off by a touch switch on top of the lid. When on, the lamp has an autonomy of around 7 hours, after which it flashes to signal that the battery needs recharging (battery autonmy of 7 hours at 100% light intensity, 19% at 50% light intensity). If the lamp is not recharged, the drive card in the lid cuts off the power supply to stop the battery from running down completely. A red LED switches off when the battery has fully recharged.
he characteristics of this lamp mean it can be placed on a surface or on the ground, either right way up or on its lid. A simply versatile article for outdoor living: perfect for lighting up a dinner table in the garden or on a terrace, on board amboat or by the pool side.

H 28 cm / ø 17 cm
Polycarbonate, Polyethylene


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