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KooPower C26

Life is just plain better when it’s set to music, but there are some places where an ordinary mobile device just can’t be used safely. After all, you don’t want to risk dropping your iPhone when you’re hiking or your Samsung Galaxy when you’re boating!

But now, you can take your favorite songs with you anywhere and enjoy music while you’re climbing a mountain, swimming at the beach or just relaxing by the pool! The KooPower Portable Wireless Mini BlueTooth Speaker frees you to live your life with whatever soundtrack you choose.

The KooPower Mini BlueTooth Speaker is the toughest mini speaker on the market today and made with active lifestyles in mind. The speaker has a fully sealed, dust-proof silicone case and ultra strong, corrosion-proof aluminum mesh on its front. Rugged and made to withstand impact, the speaker has a sturdy aluminum hook that lets you hang it anywhere, so your music can finally travel wherever you go. The wireless speaker is even IP64 waterproof to stand up to rain or even an unexpected fall into water.

With a 30-foot range and the latest BlueTooth 4.0 technology, the KooPower Portable Wireless Speaker instantly pairs with any BlueTooth enabled device and lets you keep your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player safely tucked away. Even if you get a call, you can use the speaker to answer it, thanks to its integrated microphone.

Powered by a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the KooPower Portable Wireless BlueTooth Speaker provides up to 10 full hours of continuous listening. When you’re not enjoying a song or a conversation, the speaker knows and will automatically switch into off mode after 10 minutes to preserve its battery life.

The KooPower Wireless Mini BlueTooth Speaker lets you enjoy your favorite songs to the fullest anywhere with its pair of 5-watt loudspeakers and crystal clear sound technology.


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