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LABC – iBed Tablet Stand

Introducing the innovative & patented iBed

When lying down for a long period of time, you not only risk dropping your tablet device, but you also suffer from pain in your arms and neck and back.

Tablet stand for comfortable watching on bed

Helps reduce neck, shoulder, & back pain back being in the natural sleep posture. When you finish using your tablet with iBed, rotate the upper part of the stand to possibly reduce distraction.

The iBed is officially compatible for various tablets including iPads & Kindles:

Kindle 7 inch fits perfectly on the natural palate provided, while the Kindle 6 & 8 inch models needs a homemade thin ruler sized strip taped down on each side of the palate tray provided
See the video reviews at the bottom to see how to make the Kindle 6 & 8 inch tablets, & other various unsupported size tablets, fit the iBed tray with homemade cardboard additions!


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