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LEAP Motion Control Device

Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard.

With a wave of a hand or lift of a finger, you’re about to change the way you use your computer. The Leap Motion Controller senses how you move your hands, the way you move them naturally. So you can point, wave, reach, and grab. Even pick something up and put it down. Just like in real life. It’s an amazing device for the things you do every day and for things you never thought you could do

It’s more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. (But so far unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound)
Browse the web, read articles, flip through photos, and play music by barely lifting a finger.
Draw, paint, and design with your fingertip. You can even use a real pencil or paintbrush.

Slice falling fruit and shoot bad guys with your finger. Steer cars and fly planes with your hands.
Sculpt, mold, stretch, bend, and build 3D objects. Take things apart and put them back together.

The Leap Motion Controller is sleek, light, and tiny (it’s just 3″ long). It takes up hardly any space on your desk, but you use all the space above it.
This is like day one of the mouse. Except, no one needs an instruction manual for their hands.

Dimensions: 80mm x 12mm


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