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LG Music Flow P5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Take your tunes on the go with the LG Music Flow P5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Built ion the idea of simplicity, this speaker delivers rich, natural sounding music in a compact, ultra portable design. Available in five colors, the Music Flow P5 comes in a rectangular shape with a front-facing speaker. On the top are all the controls you need and none you don’t. Pairing your device through Bluetooth, playing and pausing, adjusting the volume, and turning the speaker off and on are just a button away. On the right side is a 3.5mm audio port and a charging port. This versatile speaker can even pair with other LG speakers and link to your TV for cinema quality sound. Amazingly, the LG Music Flow P5 has a battery life of 15 hours to last you all day and night.


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