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Lifeproof for iPhone 6

Dropping your iPhone 6 just doesn’t bear thinking about does it? Are you really going to be that person who struggles with a cracked screen until their next upgrade in 18 months? Or gets it fixed and lives in constant anguish at the dented corners of their once-perfect device? With your iPhone 6 safely inside the Lifeproof frē you can confidently use it in any environment.
This heroic case is shockproof and able to withstand Military Grade Drop Tests of 2 metres. Tumbling out of loose pockets, extra buttery fingers – no problem
Quite at home in, on or under water, the Lifeproof is fully submersible to 2 metres for up to 1 hour which more than protects it from accidental splashes and spills
Firmly sealed from dust and dirt – sandy beaches and grubby parks are no longer off limits
To top it all off it’s got a built-in scratch protector for complete touchscreen defence
So stop living your life in fear of the inevitable crushing drop and shroud your iPhone 6 in this formidable case.


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