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Lighthink Box

Lighthink Box is a wooden lighting box with 4 interchangeable perspex front pieces (one customisable).
Designed by Studio Badini Createm for Seletti, these messages decorate your living areas, bedroom or office with 3 colorful iconic lines. T
hey can be used also to set up shop windows or showrooms.
Each box comes with 3 messages, each printed on a plexiglass sheet. You can swap sheets by sliding them out of the box. Here in its squared style.
Technical information: 85-245 V 50 Hz / DC 12V 1A – 3528 Led Strip 0.06W. Beware to unplug the item before handling it.
Measures: H 21 cm / L 21 cm / P 10.5 cm.
Wood, LED, perspex.


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