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Little Bird 2.1 Speaker System by Focal

A true, ultra-compact audio system, this system 2.1 connects to classic audio/video sources (Blu-Ray, CD, DVD…) as well as the most recent ones thanks to wireless transmission from iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® or a computer. The Bird system is a bold statement of compact and designer quality Hifi, as it is very easy to install and user-friendly, and can produce totally stunning sound in rooms of 40m2 and more. Bird is one of the very first systems to explore Kleer® wireless audio transmission that permits you to freely get around with music… in your pocket.

So you have an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod of whatever generation (except for models not equipped with Apple multi-pin plug)? Nothing is easier: you just have to connect the iTransmitter to the Apple music player and it will automatically transmit to the Power Bird in wireless mode: same audio transmission as a CD player, no compression, no loss. Many new options will be possible with your compressed or uncompressed audio, but also web radio and video games, contained on an iPhone or an iPad and reproduced larger-than-life on a Bird system.

Thanks to the Focal Remote application, available for free on iTunes Store®, your music will follow you, from one room to another, everywhere in the house, simply by selecting the area. During the second half of 2011, Focal’s wireless option will be completed by the USB Transmitter to connect to your Mac or PC for audio transmission of your entire sound library. A dock will later be available to permit wireless transmission, device charging and audio data transfer.


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