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Lomo Instant Camera

Photos these days – doomed to fester forever amongst thousands of others on your smartphone until you carelessly delete them because you’re running out of space or worse still, you just lose your phone. What a sorry tale.

The Lomo Instant Camera allows you to create real, physical memories; moments that you can carry with you, slip in a wallet, pin on the wall, share with a mate.

This stunning, retro-inspired shooter is bundled with three versatile lenses and equipped with automatic and manual modes; so whether you’re trigger happy and looking for the perfect spontaneous selfie or prefer to exercise a little more control and precision, there’s something for everyone. You can experiment with infinite long exposures to capture movement and light streaks or get artistic with multiple-exposures, layering up several shots on one photo frame to create psychedelic effects.

A maximum aperture of f/8 (the largest in the instant photography world), a built-in flash and wide angle lens, colour gels to brighten up your snaps, the list of features is endless. And unlike old school Polaroid cameras, which might as well run on precious fossil fuels, this modern incarnation uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Film – the most widely available instant film on Earth.

It’s Lomography’s most accessible camera to date; combining creative and instant photography in one beautifully nostalgic and functional package.


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