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Lumex Picomax Smart 600 3D Cinema Theater Projector

The Lumex 600 Theater Android Pico Projector is features a Dazzling 600 lumen High Powered LED, with the most advanced high contrast optical engine powered by Texas Instruments DLP Technology. Combined with Lumex PicoMax Vivid Color Technology, The Lumex 600 features long-life 30,000 hour LED that can deliver a brilliant colorful image up to 200″. Built in 3D Here at Lumex our engineers are working tirelessly around the clock to Create the next breakthrough in Micro Projectors we all heard of 3D technology in TVs but in projectors it was unheard of, Then 3D came to the projector market it was not stable and wasn’t ready for the market, then came the stable release of 3D in projectors but it was stand alone 3D and we wanted to take it a couple of steps further we created a converting software that converts as it plays and going back to 2D is as easy as clicking a button and continue watching the video our CEO still felt it was missing something so we took the mx 500 rebuilt the motherboard put a higher lumen optical engine and added this new 3D technology so you have a 600 lumen Projector with a android operating system and you have the Lumex operating system with 3D with the lumex operating system you can take any 2D (Regular) Video put it on a usb stick or memory card and play it click on 3D and the machine starts playing in 3D there is no need for any special software or devises just click and play and if you want to change it back during a video just click the 3D icon again and it will go back to a regular 2D video. Bluetooth Adding Bluetooth has no simple task our engineers had to create a Bluetooth that did not disconnect easily and had to be able to work over 20 feet without cutting out so they did it and it works for over 30 feet and its strongest most stable Bluetooth the market has to offer(Please note Bluetooth will notwork with input sources like HDMI or VGA it will only Stream content being played from the android operating system).


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