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Lumo Lift Posture & Activity Tracker

Improve your posture and fitness with this Lumo Lift LLK020-001W tracker, which provides discreet vibration alerts when slouching is detected and measures steps taken, calories burned and more for comprehensive monitoring.
Measures posture. As well as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and activity vs. inactivity to provide a full picture of your fitness levels.
Timed, opt-in coaching. Encourages you to sit and stand tall. Discreet vibration alerts notify you when slouching is detected.
Wirelessly syncs with BLE-enabled Apple devices. Including select iPod, iPad and iPhone models, so you can view progress and gain insights about your behaviors via an app (download required).
Slim, magnetic design. Offers comfortable use and a stylish appearance.
Digital controls. Enable simple operation.
Water-resistant design. Helps prevent moisture infiltration.
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. For reliable performance.


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