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“The Lunicycle was inspired by its electronic counterpart, the Solowheel. I was curious whether Solowheel’s unique leg support system would make a pedal-powered unicycle easier to learn and ride. Happily for all of us, it did.” -the inventor of the Lunicycle, Shane Chen

Let’s face it: unless you’re a circus performer, learning to ride a unicycle is hard. Sure, we understand the attraction – who wouldn’t want their hands free while riding? You know, for juggling your keys, phone, briefcase and latte. But it takes months or even years to master a traditional unicycle. That’s why we invented the Lunicycle.

The Lunicycle is pedal-powered, but with the center of gravity low to the ground so that even the klutzy can experience the fun. The specially-designed leg supports add stability and decrease your learning time; as you lean against the supports, your body balances naturally. The pedals are set lower so it’s easier and safer to ride – just step on and off.

The Lunicycle provides a challenging, eco-concious workout for just about anyone. For superstars who already know how to ride a unicycle, the Lunicycle expands your unicycling universe with a new option. ​


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