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Make Your Own Bubble Tea

Do you like your tea in a cup and saucer? Well then we’re here to implore you to cop the hell on. Let’s leave cups and saucers to the OAP’s – Bubble Tea is the far more delicious future of brews.

Rumour has it Bubble Tea was invented in the 1980s by an enterprising market trader who wanted to see what happened when you mixed normal tea, ice and tapioca. Well, what a favour he did humanity because as far as we’re concerned there is no beverage in existence that’s even remotely as scrumptious or anything as remotely satisfying as gobbling those glorious tapioca balls.

In fact, we’re so passionate about this Taiwanese treat we’ve put together this bloody brilliant Bubble Tea Making Kit – meaning you can concoct this glorious beverage right in the infinite comfort of your own home.

Containing enough ingredients to craft a whopping 5 bubble teas – plus 5 different flavoured fruit and black teas and of course 5 of those spectacularly chubby bubble tea straws – all you need to add is a little sugar, water and cutlery.

What’s your flava? Tell me what’s your flava: The kit includes a wondrous array of teabag flavours. We’re talking earl grey, english breakfast, strawberry & kiwi, mango mist and pineapple & orange. While we’re here we’d also like to offer our sincerest shouts to the lyrical genius that is Craig David.


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