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Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer

The Maverick Black Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer lets you use your smartphone to monitor cooking times and temperatures. You’ll get a 175 foot range to relax in the yard, work in the garage or spend time with guests without ever loosing control of the cooking!

The thermometer is compact, water resistant and features a back-lit LCD display that is visible day or night. It includes two 36″ waterproof probes that are heat resistant to 572 F. The Maverick Black Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer has a total of 4 probe inputs (additional probes sold separately) and can monitor them all simultaneously. All thermostat functions are visible through the included app on your smartphone, and you’ll be alerted when temperatures are reached, timers end or if you travel out of range.


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