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Mewgaroo Hoodie Pet Pouch Sweatshirt

The Mewgaroo Hoodie has a special “pouch” for your kitten or cat to snuggle up with you. And even better, the hoodie turns you into a cat too! That’s right, the hood has cat ears (nekomimi) (medium size only) and paw markings on the sleeve. In other words, this is the most awesome item of clothing ever for cat-lovers!
Sit while watching TV, working in front of a computer, or just reading and relaxing at home – all while your cat curls up snug in the pouch. Never be separated from your darling furry companion again! The hoodie even has dangling ball toys for you to play with your pet.
The sweatshirt will also fit small dogs too, so canine owners won’t feel left out either. Lightweight dogs can even be carried around inside the pouch.
The pouch has a sheet that can be taken out and washed separately. Of course, it’s going to get hairy in next to no time! The hoodie comes in gray (a color that makers Unihabitat claim “fits” Japanese skin) and in two sizes.


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