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Monkii Bars – Ultra Portable Bodyweight Training Device

Easy to set up and use, anywhere.
Whether you’re at home or at the park, setup is easy. Inside each monkii bar is 18 feet of incredibly strong suspension line. Simply remove the line, hang it from any sturdy anchor or structure, and use our adjuster to set the height.

Adjusts for hundreds of different exercises.
With monkii bars you can do pushups, pullups, dips, inverted rows, muscle-ups, and hundreds of other exercises. Our growing monkii movement video library teaches you proper form.

Independent, completely suspended setup.
Incredibly versatile, monkii bars can set up anywhere there is a support structure, whether it is a tree branch or a door-jamb (monkii branch door attachment sold separately). Each suspension line is an independent loop, allowing for greater flexibility in setup, and more variety in exercises.

Made in the U.S.A. of high quality materials. Each pair includes:
• Two hard maple grips around an aerospace-grade aluminum core which provides you with a solid grip while working out and contains all of the components when you’re not working out.
• Two 18-foot sections of Spectra® Line and two Adjusters enable you to set up monkii bars nearly anywhere you can reach. Did we mention that these lines are incredibly strong? The entire system can support over 1,000 pounds (however our max user weight is 220 pounds).
• Two monkii-keepers keep your pair of monkii bars connected for better portability and storage.
• Four plugs keep monkii bars contained so they are ultra-portable, and also attach to the Line to make setup easier.
• Quick Startup Guide that features access to our online video library and digital instruction manual, digital access to the 10×10 Training Manual, and an easy to carry Quick Reference Guide to the Adjuster.


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