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Moon Phase Wall Sticker

Moon Phase night-light wall-sticker
Clair De Lune series (glow in the dark moon wall-sticker)
Clair de Lune is a glow-in-the-dark wall sticker based on an emotional design of the moon as a symbol of imagination. It includes 65 individual frames of the lunar mosaic images taken from Nantes in West France by astronomy photographer Norbert. In the dark Clair de Lune gives you a dream-like experience by illuminating with the magical glow.
Usage: Luminous Night-light Wall sticker
Size: Height 30cm Width 120~180cm (depends on how you install/gap)
( Full moon’s Diameter 30cm )
*includes 7 moon phase moonlight stickers
– step1: old moon(1ea)
– step2: waning crescent moon(1ea)
– step3: waning quarter moon(1ea)
– step4: full moon(1ea)
– step5: waning quarter moon(1ea)
– step6: waning crescent moon(1ea)
– step7: young moon(1ea)


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