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Mr. Pow Portable Electronics Charger

It’s a second life for your phone 3500mAh lithium battery

Charge wherever you are! Don’t get stuck somewhere Funny, looks like a little robot!
Mr. Pow Portable Phone Chargers Give You A Second Life.

In Super Mario, Mario jumps and weaves through all sorts of obstacles and enemies. When he dies, you know how he comes back to fight? He has a second life. That is what the Mr. Pow Portable Phone Charger gives you; a second life. There are endless situations in which this extra battery can be helpful: Car Trouble And A Dead Phone- Not A Problem! If you get stuck somewhere, blow a tire on a winter night, stuck somewhere remote, lost in a place you don’t recognize, hold it together! If your phone is dead, you have a backup that will allow you to make a call for help.


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