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Muzik Headphones – Time to Set Your Music Free

With the Muzik headphones, you can finally keep your phone in your bag and be free while you are on the go. By no chance will that let you compromise with your music anymore. From getting high def, studio-quality sound and total noise isolation to a powerful bass and crisp high notes, these headphones will let you discover something new each time you listen. They are a foldable, durable and definitely a slick design. You can easily swap the cushion sets for a custom fit. There are options to change the volume and track just by swiping the right ear cup or tap with a closed hand to play and pause. You can even pair the headphones with the Muzik app and easily assign your Hot Keys. Not only this, the Muzik headphones will automatically pull together an image from Google Street View, your music, location, weather and time so you can capture and share Moments…with the touch of a Hot Key. Not just a headphone but a lot more.


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