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NanoGrid Lighting & Charging Hub by BioLite

The NanoGrid Lighting & Charging Hub by BioLite is a lighting and energy hub that fits in the palm of your hand.
The powerful 4,400 mAh Li-Ion battery can be recharged from any USB source (including BioLite products) and then share power to any of your USB chargeable gear.
Run entire system for up to 22 hours
Ideal for camping, reading, fishing/boating, and power outages
PowerLight: 3-in-1, 200 Lm lantern, 250 Lm torch & powerbank
– Battery can fill 3.5 GoPros, 3 phones, or run light for up to 72 hrs
– Dimmable lighting modes with emergency strobe setting
– USB rechargeable – charge from an outlet or BioLite stoves
– Light range: 10 m (33 ft) – lantern; 100 m (328 ft) – torch
SiteLight set (2 lights): Chainable, overhead lights with 150 Lm each
– Powered by PowerLight
– 20 ft of connectivity – string your lights at key areas of your site
– Individual on/off functionality or dim from PowerLight
– Light range: 3 m (10 ft)


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