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Never Ending Birthday Card

Imagine this: your birthday looms brutishly on the horizon. You’re kicking it down the cave of wonders where after one too many WKD’s you stumble upon none other than a magical oil lamp. Mistaking it for a vintage bong you give it a fumble. Out pops a very blue, very overweight genie with tragic facial hair taste. Banter quickly starts flowing, you exchange numbers. The next morning you awake to a string of iMessages from him. He thought you were a solid ten and he’d like to see you again. He’d also love to grant you a birthday wish. One wish. Whatever birthday gift your wildest dreams can concoct it’s all yours. The galaxy’s your oyster. What do you ask for? A lamborghini? A mansion? Millions of pounds? No. You’d probably ask for a musical birthday card that never stops playing, right?

A birthday card like no other, treat your loved ones to a gift they’ll always remember. Because they wont have a choice. Because it never stops playing. Give them the gift of eternal annoyance.

Once opened, the Never-ending Birthday Card continues to play for up to three whole hours. It also happens to be near indestructible. You can submerge it in water, crush it – hell – even set fire to it. This merciless celebratory card just keeps on jingling.


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