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Officiser – Complete Solution For Office Exercise

Develop a healthy habit at work with Officiser – the most comprehensive office-health management device. It allows you to exercise, monitor your movement balance and develop healthy habits in a smart and fun way. The benefits of Officiser includes bidirectional movements which simulates diverse leg muscles, easy and simple movements that stimulates blood circulation as well as burns calories at the same time. With the ankle stretches and heel pull, you can stimulate calves as well as connected muscles and joints. It will also stimulate blood circulation and also prevent stiffening of muscles and joints. The corresponding mobile app will help you set goals and achieve them even when you’re at work. There are simple games to make the exercise more fun which aren’t too distracting at all. The design of Officiser will blend easily with any kind of office furniture so that you can keep a check on your health whenever you’re at work.


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