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On1 by Thinksound – Supra-Aural On-Ear Monitor Wooden Headphone

Our Signature Sound on a Whole New Level
The On1 supra-aural monitor features accurate, professional studio monitor sound and imaging. It is a transparent headphone that lets you hear and feel your music the way the artist intended it. The On1’s have great top and extension, a lush midrange, and no real emphasis on any specific frequency range.

The Sound
The On1 features an enhanced 40mm speaker driver. The drivers are engineered for more accurate sound reproduction and create an expansive sound stage. The sound produced is engaging, immersive, and full of detail.

The Fit
The On1 headphones feature luxurious memory foam ear pads and a flexible headband for extra comfort.

The Finish
The first thing you’ll notice about the On1 is the beautiful finish on the solid wood ear cups, but the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The On1 are beautifully constructed, with a look that is grown up and self-assured and an audio quality to match.

The Difference
thinksound headphones are designed and engineered to sound amazing while making a limited environmental impact. The earpieces are made of real wood from renewable sources, and all of our cables are PVC-free. Our packaging is compact, simple and eliminates any hard to open, ubiquitous plastic bubbles.


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