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Oppo Groomo Cat Brush

Oppo specialize in Why-Didn’t-I-Think-of-That? style pet products and here’s a great example: A way to clean and groom your cat while also improving owner-pet communication. Japanese people often clean their homes, sofas and clothes with so-called goro-goro rolls of one-sided adhesive tape.

This Oppo Groomo utilizes the same concept and technology, combining a smart-looking brush with a roll of tape. In other words, as you comb and stroke your cat, the excess hair is collected on the tape, meaning you don’t have to spend time after a grooming session extracting annoying bits of fur from your hands or brush.

You can also use it to quickly clean your own clothes from the cat hair that may have attached to your sleeves and legs when you hold your pet. The tape has even been especially designed with a series of cute pictures on it and the rollers themselves come in four chrome colors.

The Oppo Groomo features:
・Colors: black, green, berry, orange
・Includes one role of tape
・Materials: ABS
・Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use!)


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