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Orfos Flare 360 Degree Bike Headlight and Tail Light

Designed to simulate the visibility of a car, the Orfos Flares are specialized bike lights that give bicycles incredible visibility from every angle, essentially creating what CNET describes as “a force field of light around your bike.” They offer 360 degree visibility to help you be seen in all traffic and weather conditions. The Orfos Flares represent the latest that technology has to offer with a low direct-to-consumer price. Engineered for daily use in harsh environments, they are 100% waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about rain or snow. They use a unique and powerful magnetic mounting system for anti-theft and convenience that works with any bike frame material including steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. The Flares are also USB rechargeable, charging in as little as 90 minutes. Burn time lasts between 2 and 24 hours depending on the brightness level and pattern. Each set comes with 2 micro USB cords for recharging and 4 N52 grade neodymium magnetic mounts and mounting accessories. This allows for conveniently leaving the mount on multiple bikes or helmets, and simply moving the lights between mounts. Installation of these mounts should take about 2 minutes. The Flares are designed, tested and assembled in Washington state and are inspired by the harsh traffic and rain in Seattle.


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