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Otto Fan

About Stadler Form Mark Stadler, the founder of Stadler Form, has stated that his goal is to ”make life colorful.” Through principled Swiss design, he’s set out to bring new form to the appliances and tools that we use every day. Invented and engineered in Switzerland, Stadler Form products are here to help you life a little happier. Dimensions: 7.2L x 13.7W x 7.2H inches. Otto fan. African sapele wood body. 3 speed settings. 5 steel blades. Steel grate. 34.7-48.2 dBA noise level. Height-adjustable feet. 45-watt power usage.

Dimensions: 7.2L x 13.7W x 7.2H inches
Otto fan
African sapele wood body
3 speed settings
5 steel blades


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