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Adorable robot genius, anyone?

These little ‘bots are guaranteed to bust even the most acquainted of minds. (We’re talking about you, nerds.) Ozobot’s behaviour is programmed with a doodle, which is fantastic news, because intrigue of human-robot interaction aside, it’s likely been a couple of decades since it was deemed acceptable for you to get your scribble on. Thanks to Ozobot, no longer are illegible markings reserved for infants.

Back to the technological excellence side of things – Ozobot features a series of colour and contrast detecting sensors – meaning it follows paths drawn on paper or the accompanying (and very free) tablet app. This little guy’s destiny is in the palm of your hand. Wherever you draw a line, Ozobot follows. The most cleverest part of it all? Ozobot changes his (OR HER) internal LED lights to match the colour of the line it’s tracing.

You can program Ozobot to move, dance and play through intuitive colour code patterns.

A sucker for artificial intelligence? Ozobot has you covered. Sketch a crafty intersection and it’ll make its own decision where to turn – you can even mock up mazes and puzzles for these critters to solve. It seems these line-following automata are well on their way to world domination.

Isn’t Ozobot just the smartest little robotic geezer ever?


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