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Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw

Is there anything better to use for a doorstopthan a tube of paint? Simply wedge this hardplastic paint tube under your door and enjoy thegreat sight gag – complete with a messy squeezeof paint! Pain’t nothing like the real thing!
Add some fun to the last place you’d expect with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw. At first (and second) glance, this doorstop looks just like the real thing. As it’s made of strong and durable plastic, the Paint Tube Doorstop is as functional as it is funny and will hold open any door. A great gift for the artist in your life, the family jokester, or to use on your own friends and family who will be completely fooled. The Paint Tube Doorstop weighs just 3.2 ounces, is 7 inches long, and has fake paint oozing from the opening which furthers the resemblance to a real paint tube. Liven up the party or give yourself loads of laughs with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw.


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