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Phonejoy Bluetooth Controller for Android Phones

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable game console with Phonejoy!

Phonejoy is the perfect buddy for gaming on the go or at home. The gamepad’s spring-loaded EasySlider expansion mechanism always has your phone secured, even in choppy street fights. Its hand-centered balanced makes it ideal for playing long hours, and puts all controls directly at the center of action. Allowing you to play your games the way they were meant to be played with! The Phonejoy controller connects wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth. Phonejoy’s free Android and iOS app keeps your whole experience hassle-free, putting hundreds of cool games right at your finger tips. It’s the ultimate feel of console gaming in pocket sized, full-featured and unmatched portability. Level-up your mobile play!

– Phonejoy Bluetooth Game Controller for Android and iCade
– Quick-start Guide * Environmentally friendly packaging
– Product neither includes a smartphone nor any monkeys!

– 14 highly precise buttons and two analog thumbsticks
– microUSB Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (internal; non-removable) with battery life of up to 8 hours
– Supported systems: Android 4.0+; iOS 4+ (via iCade not MFi iOS 7 Game Controller); Windows; Mac OS X; Linux More information can be found on our website at!


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