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Playbulb Candle

Candles have been the go-to ambient lighting solution since man first “invented” fire and began eating romantic meals in caves. But it’s now time to embrace the 21st Century and bring a little advanced technicolour tranquillity into your home with the Playbulb Candle

These elegant mood lights are controlled by an intuitive (and free) app on your smartphone, so you can alter the brightness and choose from a vast kaleidoscope of colours with a gentle stroke of your finger. It’s full of eccentric extras too, for example – just shake your phone to give your Playbulb a random hue.

An array of smart sensors allow you to blow them out just like a real candle, it’s much more fun than flicking a switch and it won’t produce that lingering puff of smoke that sets off the fire alarm and ruins your romantic conquests. There’s even an embedded scent diffuser to bring a more aromatic dimension to your already colourful environment.

Whilst these clever lamps are completely flame-less, just flip one over and it’s got a neat little recess that fits a regular tea light – making it the perfect fusion of glorious primitive fire and powerful modern technology.


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