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Power Wallet by Seyvr

Most charging wallets on the market look as though someone has angrily forced a car battery into a tight leather handbag. They’re ugly, huge and you have to wonder why they even bothered…

The Seyvr Power Wallet on the other hand, is actually the size of a regular wallet so it won’t endow you with a curious bulge in your trousers. It’s super slim at just 15mm thick with enough room for 6 cards – all the necessities + your Nando’s loyalty card.

Somehow they’ve managed to covertly squeeze in a slender 1400mAh battery, ready to charge up your weary smartphone whenever you’re low on juice. Even the cables are built in so you can give back that one you’ve been “borrowing” from your colleague for the last few months.

To cap it all off it’s made from reinforced premium leather so it positively reeks of class.


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