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Prysma Weather Forecast Atomic Projection Clock

The Amazing Oregon Scientific BAR223PN Self Setting Atomic Projection Clock with Indoor and Wireless Outdoor Temperature comes with Weather Forecasting. Get the most accurate time for your home. Wakeup to the time and outdoor temperature projected on your ceiling or wall that’s easy to read when you first get up to start your day. Plan your day’s activities by using the convenient barometric pressure weather forecaster built in. Display the time and temperature with large time and temperature digits on your ceiling or wall that gets bigger depending on the distance and angle between the clock and the wall or ceiling. Every foot of distance will grow the digits by one inch. The dual alarm feature allows you to set two different alarms for you and your partner. Measures temperature ranges from minus 22 degrees F to + 140 degrees Fahrenheit if you use Lithium AAA batteries in the remote. (not included). Does either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The Amazing projection display can rotate 180 degrees for the perfect angle of vision. May be the highest Style bedside Device made. Regular alarm clocks are dull and ugly. Use this sleek, colorful and stylist clock to enhance the look of your bedroom. Enjoy.


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