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PUC Wireless MIDI Connection for iOS Devices

PUC – THE Wireless MIDI Interface for your iPad, iPhone, and Mac

You’ve got an iPad loaded with amazing sound and music creation apps, but relying on the touchscreen for making music leaves you a little flat. The PUC allows you to connect your favorite MIDI gear WIRELESSLY to your iPad, iPhone, and Mac – without the mousetrap of little adapters and specialty cables. Keyboards, drum pads, floor pedal controllers, mixer surfaces, even that digital home piano – any MIDI controller with a 5 pin connection can now EASILY interface with your favorite iPad and iPhone apps and Mac software over WiFi when connected to the PUC.

Free Your MIDI From The Tyranny of Wires

The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for the iPad and iPhone to solve the all-to-common problem of putting great music making apps under familiar tactile control. If you’ve used the wired dongle/adapter/iPad-threatening-tripping-hazard, then you know how inconvenient and risky it is to tether your iOS device while you’re making music. With the PUC your iPad stays mobile while your MIDI streams over it’s own WiFi connection with the same speed and stability as the wire.


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