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Rainy Pot – Wall Plant Pot With Cloud Shaped Watering Basin

The Rainy Pot is a flower pot that waters the plants with raindrops. Enjoy the scene of raindrops for your plant when you pour water on the “Rainy Pot” and its adorable design makes a great garden pot, home decor and presents. When you are on a business trip, travel, don’t have to worry about no one give the flowers some water!

A large opening on the cloud / Just pour some water into a hole on the cloud top, then you would be able to see the rain falling on your plant.
Small holes are under the cloud / Raindrops fall down from these holes which are spread widely.There’s no need for a watering can.

The Plant is not included.

How to use
1. Put a small piece of isolation cloth at the bottom of the pot
2. Pour into the soil in the pot, planted seeds
3. Pour water in the clouds (up to 80 ml)
4. If there is a water overflow, open at the bottom of the pot piston will release water


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