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Red rosebud Wooden Coaster Set – Model 3.2 – set of 4

This wooden coaster is shaped like a stylish flower bud as it is about to flourish soon. The elements are placed as a wood inlay in the outer frame. The elements are painted to shades of red – from light red in the inside to dark red on the outermost petals. This piece is laser cut from a 4mm thick plywood board, hand polished, painted and finally varnished. Dimensions: size: 9,5×9,5cm, (3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″), thickness: 4mm (1/8″) This item is made to order, usual processing time is 5 business days. The coaster is available as a single piece or in set of 4 or 6 (optional). We reserve the right that we may slightly modify the design in certain circumstances.


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