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RoadTrip 2 in 1 Car and Portable Charger

Nothing wrecks a good road trip like your phone dying on you…
Banging tunes – gone
GPS navigation – gone
Ability to phone the AA – gone
Calls, texts and alerts that you should be ignoring because you’re driving – GONE
The sleekly-designed RoadTrip Car Charger & Battery is here to prevent all of the atrocities listed above, forever. It plugs neatly into the 12V (old school cigarette lighter) slot on your dashboard and lets your charge your phone or tablet while your driving.

RoadTrip features two charging ports, the standard USB Type A port that you’re probably familiar with, and the new and exciting Type C port for charging up the very latest gadgets – it’s future proof! (well, at least the few years or so).

Not only does it let you keep your phone or tablet juiced up while in the car, RoadTrip also houses a rechargeable 3000mAh battery, so you can take it with you and use it like a regular power bank on the go. And don’t worry, RoadTrip knows your priorities so it charges up your phone first before moving on to the internal battery. Perfect.

Now you can charge while you drive AND when you arrive.


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