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Robert Planta

Made of clay and calcite. Mexico City.

Terribly playful, this handmade calcite and clay plant pot is determined to give a special touch to interiors. Since little Robert enjoyed spending time in the woods watching the nature, plants, flowers, leaves, everything that surrounded him. Intrigued by the golden ratio and the geometry in nature, he became passionate, obsessed and spend his life devoted to it. Hoping that one day he may be part of that perfect nature, becoming oneself with his surroundings. He felt grieve knowing that his species were growing apart from this magical world. He managed to put a plant at the top of his head and the sun began to dry him, he sat comfortably on a tree, holding what he most appreciated and ultimately his whole body was solidified becoming the new guardian of that forest he always desire to be part of.

Robert’s always has a plant in his mind (and head). His only possession is a plant he carries as a treasure as he invites us to give place to nature in our lives


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