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Robot Head Power Plus Chargers

What happens when you take Japan’s favourite portable charger, cram in a whole lot more power and give it a bright new makeover? The Robot Head Power Plus Chargers, that’s what.

Within each of these colourful robots resides a colossal 10400mAh battery which allows you to charge most smartphones 5 times! Unlike most portable chargers that you find yourself re-charging as regularly as you do your actual phone, these generous androids will keep your devices sweet for days on end.

Five little indicator LEDs light up to show you how much power you’ve got left and there’s even an automatic power-off function so they won’t run down once they’ve finished charging your gadgets.

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, digital camera or handheld games console, these cheeky characters charge up just about any USB-powered device, and thanks to the two handy USB ports you can charge two at the same time!


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