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The 21st century is doing all sorts of wonders for personal transportation. But these RocketSkates R-10 are really summin’ else.

Behold the world’s first electronic skates powered by two powerful brushless DC motors. Cop a range of up to 10 miles- and zoom up to 12mph. Operating the skates is stupendously simple, and impressively advanced. Just lean on your toes to move forward, and brake by clicking your heels. Two coils in the rear keep your ride stabilized and balanced and the rocket skates light up when in action to demonstrate the quick movement.

For all you trendy toes out there, we come bearing good news. You can wear pretty much any regular shoe with the Rocket Skates – and you can even walk in them – great should you need to pop up a flight of stairs or take a time out from all the mind blowing excitement.

Oh, and did we mention, there’s even more? RocketSkates connects with a companion app, available on both iOS and Android. The app can tell you a variety of extraordinary things, like how far you’ve travelled, mileage and your skates’ battery life. It can even track your route and compare it with others. Basically, we have no idea how we’ve ever survived without these things.

Talk about an exhilarating peak into the future of transportation.


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