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Robots are amazing feats of technology, there’s little doubting that. But we tend to lose interest when we realise that they’re ultimately a bunch of witless drones. We yearn for some personality. Something with a more conscious human element, an eager and attentive mind that responds to our actions and can learn new tricks. Meet Romo.

Docked on a pair of squat and durable caterpillar tracks, your soulless Apple device is miraculously transformed into the living brain of this expressive robot, the touch-screen now lit up with his friendly blue face.

By interacting through the built-in app you can endow this cheeky android with its very own personality through various actions, triggers, and behaviours. As well as guiding him on a series of exciting missions; you can prod him, tickle him and he’ll laugh, smile, nod, sneeze and much more. Romo recognises your face and responds to your movements, he can even identify colours and chase objects around. He craves your tender assistance to learn new things and evolve his character.

Romo features two-way audio and video between iOS devices and it can be controlled remotely by anyone, anywhere in the world, so you can connect family and friends via telepresence. Chatting whilst playing and interacting takes video calls to the next level, think of it as Skype™ – on wheels.

What’s more, you’ll learn basic programming concepts as you help Romo complete his various missions, and with the regularly updated app you can unlock new upgrades that make this intrepid cyborg even more expressive and alive.


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